Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

You have landed on the right article if you are looking for comfortable and trendy footwear. Today we will be giving you some major information on the best footwear and where the best footwear manufacturers is.

Adidas is a global company that designs, develops, and manufactures sports clothes, footwear, and accessories. Adolf Dassler created the company in 1949 in Germany, initially calling it “Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik” before shortening it to Adidas.

Adidas is now one of the world’s leading sportswear manufacturers, sponsoring various sports teams, events, and players worldwide. The company’s products are noted for their high quality, originality, and stylish designs. Adidas is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility, seeking to reduce its environmental footprint and promote fair labor practices throughout its supply chain.

Adidas’ global headquarters are in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adolf Dassler began the company in Herzogenaurach in 1949, and it has since evolved into one of the world’s top sportswear producers. The Adidas headquarters house the company’s top management, marketing, design teams and several R&D facilities.

Adidas has Regional Headquarters in

  • Portland
  • Oregon
  • Hong Kong

Which supervise the company’s activities in North America and Asia-Pacific, respectively, and its headquarters in Germany.

Adidas shoes are manufactured in various nations worldwide, including;

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Germany

The place of production can vary based on the terms of shoe’s style or on its model. Adidas has a global supply chain and manufactures its products’ through factories and suppliers in many countries. The firm has also built the “Adidas Speed-factory” in Germany and the United States, which uses modern technologies to quickly and efficiently make customized shoes for their customers.

Overall, Adidas is committed to ethical and sustainable production practices, and it collaborates closely with its suppliers to ensure fair labor standards and environmental stewardship.

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How To Find Out Where Your Pair of Adidas Are Made?

How To Find Out Where Your Pair of Adidas Are Made

If you are curious to find the location, where your footwear is made follow the guideline;

  • Check the label or tag on the shoes to find out where your Adidas products were created. The label or tag should include information about the product’s country of production, indicating where it was manufactured. This information is usually found on the inside of the shoe or the tag attached to the clothing item.
  • You can also contact Adidas customer support if you have a specific query about the manufacturing site of an Adidas product. Adidas has a customer care team that helps in providing product information and answer all the queries. Adidas customer care can be reached through; their website, phone, email, or social media.

It is necessary to remember that Adidas has a global supply chain and manufactures its products in collaboration with numerous factories and suppliers in various countries.

Depending on the product and style, the precise manufacturing location may differ. Adidas is dedicated to ethical and sustainable production practices and collaborates closely with its suppliers to ensure fair labor practices and environmental responsibility.

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How to Take Care of Your Adidas?

How to Take Care of Your Adidas

Here are some shoe care methods to keep your Adidas shoes in good shape and extend their lifespan:

Clean them regularly: Dirt and debris can build up on your shoes over time, causing them to deteriorate faster. To avoid this:

  • Clean your shoes on a regular basis with a soft brush or cloth and a moderate soap or detergent.
  • Avoid using abrasive or strong chemicals that could damage the shoes.
  • Allow your shoes to air out after wearing them before storing them. This prevents odors and moisture buildup, which can lead to bacteria growth and damage to the shoes over time.

Things to Avoid;

  • When not in use, keep your Adidas shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Stacking them on top of one another can cause the shoes to lose their form and creases.

Tips to Follow;

  • Apply a protective spray or waterproofing chemical to your shoes to help protect them from water and stains. This is especially crucial for suede or leather shoes, which are more prone to damage.
  • Wearing the same shoes every day can lead them to wear out faster. Allow your shoes to rest for at least 24 hours between uses to help them last longer. You can help keep the environment clean by following these suggestions.

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Final Words

To summarize the above, Adidas is a multinational company which have factories located all over the world, including; China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. The company also has manufacturing facilities in Germany, where its headquarters are located. The particular location of production facilities may vary depending on the product line and the company’s supply chain strategy.

On the other hand, Adidas has a code of conduct that mandates all suppliers and manufacturers to conform to its standards for fair labor practices, safety, and environmental responsibility.

I hope by the end of this article, all the query regarding adidas is clear, and you now you would be able to make a perfect purchase.


Is Adidas Manufactured in The United States?

While Adidas has a major presence in the US, the firm currently has no manufacturing facilities in the country. However, it has distribution centers and retail locations throughout the country.

Are Adidas Shoes Made in China Of Good Quality?

The quality of Adidas sneakers in China can vary based on the factory and manufacturing process used. While some may be concerned about the quality of Chinese-made products, it is crucial to remember that Adidas has a code of conduct that compels all suppliers and manufacturers to comply with its standards for fair labor practices, safety, and environmental responsibility.

The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that they satisfy these requirements, and it audits its facilities regularly to ensure compliance. So, while the nation of manufacture does not always dictate product quality, Adidas guarantees that all of its products satisfy the company’s high-quality standards.

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