Where are Brooks Shoes Made?

Brooks Running Company has been a famous shoe brand manufacturing high-quality running shoes for over a century. Founded in Philadelphia in 1914, the company has become one of the most recognized brands in the running shoe market. Brooks shoes are known for their innovative design and modern technology, making them a top choice for runners of all levels and types, whether running a marathon or just jogging around the park.

As a consumer, it’s important to know where our products are made, especially regarding shoes. Some people may wonder where Brooks shoes are made and what labor practices and environmental impact the company has. In this article, we’ll explore the history of Brooks Running Company, its current production locations, and its commitment to ethical labor practices and reducing its environmental impact.

Whether you’re a runner looking for a new pair of shoes or a conscious consumer interested in sustainable and ethical production practices, this article will provide valuable insight into the world of Brooks shoes.

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Manufacturing Locations of Brooks Shoes

Manufacturing Locations of Brooks Shoes

The company boasts 37 factories worldwide, with 17 dedicated to manufacturing Brooks shoes. Among these factories, 9 are tier 1 footwear assembly facilities responsible for the final assembly of Brooks shoes, and 8 are tier 2 factories that handle midsole, outsole, and insole work.

Most of these factories are in Vietnam, followed by China and Indonesia. Notably, Brooks has increased its factory count compared to March 2021, with a significant increase in footwear factories from 4 to 9 tier 1 facilities. So, in total, these are the countries where Brooks Shoes are made:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • the United States
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • El Salvador
  • Taiwan
  • Jordan

Remember that most Brooks Shoes are made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


China has been a preferred location for manufacturing for many multinational companies, and Brooks is no exception. With over six factories located in China, Brooks footwear, clothing, and accessories are manufactured side by side in these factories. Inexpensive labor and bulk operations are why many brands have production facilities in China.


Many large corporations, like Brooks Shoes, experienced turmoil due to the trade conflict between the US and China. As a result, Brooks decided to move manufacturing from China to Vietnam.

Manufacturers worldwide have been paying close attention to Vietnam, and several large corporations have operated there for decades. Brooks moved the production of their shoes to Vietnam-where independent contractors make them.

Today, more than half of Brooks shoes are reported to be produced in Vietnam. The company’s CEO, James M Weber, sees Vietnam as a growth opportunity and plans to expand its operations further. The country offers a competitive labor market, robust infrastructure, and political stability, making it an attractive manufacturing location.

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Other Countries

Brooks Shoes also produces products in lower quantities in other nations besides China and Vietnam. For instance, Brooks also manufactures some of its footwear in Indonesia. Indonesia is desirable for the business because of its talented workforce and lengthy history of shoe manufacture. In contrast to China and Vietnam, Indonesian factories are comparatively underdeveloped.

Another nation where Brooks Shoes are manufactured is the United States, albeit there aren’t many factories there. The US is typically more expensive than nations like China and Vietnam for production. Thus the corporation concentrates its production there.

Brooks Sports Inc. also sources some of its goods from Taiwan, known for its skilled labor force and robust manufacturing sector specializing in high-tech electronics, machinery, and precision engineering. Taiwan’s reputation for excellence and efficiency has made it an ideal location for producing clothing and accessories for Brooks.

The country also promotes sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices that align with Brooks’ goal of reducing environmental impact. Taiwan’s strengths in manufacturing and production have made it a valuable partner for Brooks in meeting its production needs.

Other nations where Brooks produces clothes and accessories include Jordan, the Philippines, Mexico, and El Salvador. Several variables-including labor costs, raw material availability, and cost-effectiveness, influence the company’s choice to produce these goods in these nations.

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Quality Control of Brooks Shoes

To ensure product quality and ethical manufacturing, all of Brooks’ factories have signed the Brooks Restricted Substances List Compliance Agreement and maintain a supplier code of conduct.

In addition, the company has set ambitious goals for reducing its environmental impact and pollution. Brooks aims to eliminate the waste generated by footwear manufacturing and reduce the carbon footprint of its products.

By 2025, the company aims to stop sending waste to landfills, incinerators, or the environment. By 2040, Brooks has set a target of net zero carbon emissions-and by the end of 2023; the company plans to convert all polyester used in footwear to recycled polyester.

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Does the Country of Manufacturing Affect the Quality?

Brooks Shoes has strict criteria for quality control over all categories of shoes to ensure that their shoes are of high quality regardless of where they are manufactured. By 2025, all Tier 1 factories must achieve and maintain a greater than 80 verified Higg FSLM score, and 80% of Tier 2 factories must arrive at the same score.

In addition, Brooks has set a vision to achieve 100% compliance with the ZDHC MRSL by 2025, convert 100% of footwear manufacturing assembly chemicals to water-based by 2023, and have 100% of Tier 1 and 80% of Tier 2 factories achieve and maintain verified Higg FEM Level 2 by 2025.

These strict compliance requirements and visions have led Brooks to choose factories worldwide that can manufacture quality products while considering the environment and fair labor wages and treatment.

Overall, these technical terminologies and strict compliance requirements demonstrate that Brooks Shoes is committed to manufacturing high-quality products, regardless of the country of origin.

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How to Determine Where a Specific Brooks Shoe Pair is Made?

You can typically find information about where a specific pair of Brooks shoes are made by checking the label or tag attached to the shoes. The tag should contain information about the country of origin and other details related to the manufacturing of the shoes. If you cannot find this information on the tag, you can also try contacting Brooks customer service for more information.

Final Words – Where are Brooks Shoes Made?

Brooks Running Company has a long history of providing high-quality running shoes to its customers. As a conscious consumer, it’s important to know where your products are made and what labor practices and environmental impact the company has.

After exploring Brooks Running Company, its current production locations, and its commitment to ethical labor practices and reducing its environmental impact, we can conclude that Brooks shoes are predominantly made in Vietnam, with some factories in China and Indonesia.

The company has taken steps to ensure ethical labor practices and reduce its environmental impact-a positive sign for conscious consumers. Overall, Brooks is a brand you can trust to provide high-quality, ethically-produced running shoes.

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