Where Are Double H Boots Made?

Double-H’s foundation dates back to 1955, when they manufactured their first cowboy and work boots in Richland, Pennsylvania. Initially, the brand started as a small local shoe business until the H. H. Brown Shoe Company bought the facility (Thus the name Double-H).

Double H Boots has been a trusted provider of high-quality western and work boots for over 65 years, earning a solid reputation for dependability, comfort, and style. With such a renowned brand, it’s natural for people to wonder where Double H Boots are made.

This article delves into the brand’s history, manufacturing process, manufacturing locations, and how these factors impact Double-H Boot sales, so if you’re curious about the origins of Double H Boots and how they produce their top-notch boots-hook on for this ride and keep reading!

Manufacturing Locations of Double H Boots

Given that the Richland factory produced the first Western boots with safety toes built in the USA, it may be stated that Double-H was a pioneer in developing Western-style work boots. But over time, Double-H Boots relocated its manufacturing from Richland to Womelsdorf and finally to Martinsburg, where it has stayed up to this point.

Manufacturing Locations of Double H Boots

As was already noted, most of Double-H Boots’ production plants are in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. This indicates that many of their work and western boots are still produced in the USA. The company claimed that the best materials worldwide are used to make their western and work boot lines in the USA.

On the Double H website, 42% of all women’s boots and around 33% of all men’s boot types are created in the USA-respectively. The brand identifies each pair’s country of origin. They would feature an American flag tag on the boot’s shaft and a statement in the product description stating they are made in the USA.

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Where Are Double H Boots Made Outside The US?

Where Are Double H Boots Made Outside The US

Some of Double-H’s fashion and casual line manufacturing has been outsourced to China since the 2010s. What came with it is that the brand had to address many customer complaints and queries about product quality and standards.

Many consumers have concerns about the quality and craftsmanship of products created in China. Still, the brand has dispelled those concerns by demonstrating its superiority and continuing success in the market.

Additionally, some of their items are produced in Mexico. However, it is mostly the casual and fashion goods produced elsewhere rather than the Western lines.

Check the Country of Origin label within the boot’s shaft to confirm where the boots you’re considering purchasing were made, then decide based on that information.

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Material Quality and Design

You can’t go wrong with Double-H’s if you’re looking for a reliable pair of work boots. Here is what you can expect from a pair of Double-H boots, most of which are proudly made in the USA.

Any pair of Double-H boots comes with a strong, oil-resistant outsole with a Goodyear welt to prevent it from separating from the upper and make it simpler and easier to install a new sole if it ever wears out.

Double-H Boots offers a range of boots with excellent traction and foot protection with pointed or stacked heels. Moreover, some of their boots have non-metal shanks, which increase their resilience and prevent foot strain. These shanks are strong enough to rival steel shanks while being significantly lighter. Therefore, they provide additional strength and comfort to the wearer.

Double-H boots are known for their visionary quality and exceptional fatigue resistance. The boots feature lightweight polyurethane inserts that offer significant cushioning and durability. These inserts can be easily replaced if they compress or break down. Regarding comfort, most Double-H boots come with leather lining to cushion the feet properly.

The uppers of Double-H boots are made from premium-grade leather, which provides added protection for the feet and lower leg. Moreover, Double-H boots are not only protective but also stylish. Each model features a unique design, with handsomely tanned and stitched uppers and shafts that showcase their spirit.

So, Double-H has got you covered whether you’re looking for boots that can stand up to the toughest work environments or a pair that exudes style and comfort. With their exceptional quality and attention to detail, it’s no wonder Double-H boots have become a top choice for many.

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Price Range of Double-H Boots: Affordable Quality Work Boot

Double-H Boots offer a broad range of boots for both men and women, ranging from $120 to about $300 and $140 to $300, respectively. While some may consider this price range high for work boots, it’s essential to note that Double-H Boots provide excellent value for money.

Cheaper drug-store options may seem tempting-but they cannot match the quality, comfort, and longevity of Double-H boots. With a pair of Double-H boots, you can expect them to last 2-3 times longer than cheaper alternatives.

Therefore, investing in Double-H boots is a smart choice for anyone looking for long-lasting, comfortable, and high-quality work boots.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Double-H Boots are made in several locations throughout the United States, China, and Mexico. The company uses only the highest quality materials and maintains strict quality control measures at all its manufacturing locations.

While the manufacturing location can impact sales, it is essential to remember that the location does not necessarily indicate the quality of the product.

Customers can feel confident purchasing Double-H Boots, knowing they get a high-quality product regardless of the manufacturing location. Double-H Boots is a brand you can trust blindly, whether you’re in the market for a new pair of work or western-style boots.


Q: How Can I Find Out Where A Specific Double-H Boot is Made?

You can check the label inside the boot to determine where a specific Double-H Boot is made. Most Double H Boots come with a label that indicates the country of origin. This label can be found inside the boot, tongue, or heel counter.

Alternatively, contact the manufacturer or visit their official website for more information. Double-H Boots has a customer service department that can assist you in finding out where a specific boot was made. You can contact them via email or phone; they will gladly provide the necessary information.

Q: Where Can I Buy Them?

Double-H Boots can be purchased from various online and in-store retailers. Some popular online retailers selling Double-H Boots include Amazon, Zappos, Boot Barn, and the official website.

If you prefer to try on boots before purchasing them, you can find Double H Boots at several brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. Major retailers like Tractor Supply Co., Rural King, and Orscheln Farm & Home carry Double H Boots, as do many smaller Western wear and workwear stores.

Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to research the retailer to ensure they are an authorized Double H Boots dealer. This will help you avoid purchasing counterfeit products or boots not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you prefer to shop online or in-store, many options for purchasing Double H Boots are available.

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