Where Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made?

Popular mattress brand, DreamCloud is mainly known for its great and comfortable mattresses. They are renowned for using premium materials to produce resting environments. If you’re considering purchasing a DreamCloud mattress, you might want to discover its manufacturing location.

Today, we’ll talk about the facilities that make DreamCloud mattresses and what goes into their making.

Even though DreamCloud is new in the mattress market, it has already become famous and set a reputation for providing high-end, comfortable mattresses at competitive prices. The business started in 2017 with the mindset of giving its customers a comfortable and quality sleeping experience, and its mattresses are manufactured to stay true to that promise.

Whether it be their mattresses, pillows, or Bed frames, DreamCloud makes sure to manufacture its products with the highest qualities while maintaining its high standards. Thus, competing with other big mattress brands and giving them a run for their money!

Anyhow, its users or people interested in DreamCloud mattresses might start to wonder, Where Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made? Well, we are here to answer this question and more in this article, so keep your seat belts on for this ride!

Designing And Manufacturing Locations of Dreamcloud Mattresses

Designing And Manufacturing Locations of Dreamcloud Mattresses

Even though DreamCloud is a California-based mattress brand-they don’t have facilities in the US. Rather they only do the design process of all their hybrid models in the US. The manufacturing process takes place in the UK and some in China-and the designing process is done in their headquarters in the United States.

DreamCloud mattresses are the products of Nectar Sleep. Nectar Sleep is the direct-to-consumer company that makes dreamcloud’s two hybrid models. After designing in the US, DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in the UK. The Nectar Sleep company makes these hybrid models of DreamCloud. DreamCloud mattresses don’t leave any ambiance as it comes with confined off-gassing.

In the market, you’ll find two types of DreamCloud mattresses

  • The DreamCloud
  • DreamCloud Premium

These two models are hybrid mattresses. DreamCloud is specialized in producing luxury mongrel beds. The Nectar Sleep company manufactures all of its luxury particulars. In the US-hybrid models of DreamCloud are designed.

Latterly-these designs are manufactured in UK-grounded manufacturing establishments. Professionals produce all DreamCloud mattresses with high-quality materials in UK-based manufacturing facilities.

Dominating the US market-DreamCloud is an online company that does its distribution process from California.

Who Makes DreamCloud Mattresses?

Who Makes DreamCloud Mattresses

The company is known as “Nectar Sleep” that makes all of DreamCloud’s mattresses using:

  • Memory foam
  • Springs
  • Conventional foam
  • Polyfoam Cover

Offering a 365-night home trial-Nectar Sleep has grown so much over the last few years and has become one of the leading mattress brands in the World. Nectar Sleep is known for its dedication to using top-notch materials in the creation of its mattresses.

Every mattress is composed of several layers of foam to provide an excellent sleeping surface. The uppermost layer is made of a gel-infused memory foam that takes shape to the movements and weight of your body-thereby reducing pressure.

The middle layer is a hi-core memory foam that furnishes additional support and helps in maintaining the bed’s shape over time. Lastly-a base foam layer provides a strong foundation for the bed which is built to last.

The Supply Chain

DreamCloud manufactures all of its mattresses in the UK after the designing process is done in the USA. The company is currently among the largest manufacturers of luxury mattresses and beds.

The supply chain for DreamCloud is now expanded and diversified. Aside from the fact that all DreamCloud mattresses are produced in the UK, they have giant distribution facilities in

  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico
  • and the United States

DreamCloud mattresses are shipped from these sizable distribution facilities to numerous locations all over the world.

Who Owns DreamCloud?

Who Owns DreamCloud

Resident is the parent company that launched Nectar Sleep first in 2017 to provide people with comfortable and quality sleep, Nectar sleep then founded DreamCloud to produce and provide luxury hybrid mattresses made with high-quality materials.

Then later on In 2019, Resident also bought DreamCloud and merged it with their existing mattress brand Nectar Sleep to create a larger sleep company.

The merger resulted in a broader range of mattress options for customers, with DreamCloud’s luxury hybrid mattress and Nectar Sleep’s memory foam mattress both being offered under the same company.

Since its acquisition, DreamCloud has continuously focused on providing customers with high-quality, luxury hybrid mattresses that incorporate a variety of materials such as foam, coils, and cashmere. The company offers a generous 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty on their mattresses, indicating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Best DreamCloud Mattresses to Purchase

Want to find out which mattress is best for you? Well, here is a list of the best mattresses provided by DreamCloud, but in the end, it all comes down to things like your sleeping position, your comfortability, and most importantly, your budget.

1). DreamCloud

The flagship DreamCloud mattress is a medium-sized firm hybrid that mixes foam, coils, and cashmere for ultimate comfort and support regardless of your sleeping position.

2). DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier mattress is an amazing option for side sleepers as it offers an extra layer of foam to give a plushy feeling to the user.

3). DreamCloud Premier Rest

On the other hand, the DreamCloud Premier Rest is a firmer version of the Premier model with an additional layer of high-density foam for extra support-which makes it the perfect choice for back and stomach sleepers.

4). DreamCloud Nectar

The DreamCloud Nectar is a more affordable option because it is a memory foam mattress that offers exceptional pressure relief for people who might experience back pain. Additionally-it’s a fantastic choice for those who favor memory foam mattresses.

5). DreamCloud Nectar Premier

This mattress is a softer version of the Nectar model, with an additional layer of foam for extra comfort-moreover It is ideal for side sleepers and those who prefer a softer sleeping surface.

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Final Words – Where Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made?

In conclusion – DreamCloud works with manufacturers in the United Kingdom and China to ensure that each mattress is made following the company’s exacting standards for quality control.

High-end components used in the construction of mattresses include high-density foams, memory foams, and individually pocketed coils. The mattress cover is a sumptuous combination of cashmere, polyester, and cotton.

A DreamCloud mattress is unquestionably something to consider when you’re looking for a comfortable and opulent mattress with a long warranty life.

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