Where Are Firestone Tires Made?

If you are looking for a high performance tire with good dynamics you should consider buying a firestone tire since it has a strong brand image and it is loyal to their customer.

To read more about firestone tires and in order to identify the best tire to invest in, read the article till the end.

Firestone is a tire brand which is famous for its durability all around the world. The quality of firestone tires are exceptional. But where are these durable tires are being made?

Firestone Tires originated in 1990 by Harvey firestone in USA. It is considered as one of the first company to produce tires in mass production for auto companies. In 1988 firestone became a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation. Bridgestone has a vast manufacturing network that is about in 180 production facilities in 26 countries.

The Headquarter of firestone is located in Nashville, Tennessee USA.

In USA the manufacturing plants are located in the following;

  • North Carolina
  • Lowa
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Ohio

Does firestone is only being produced in its homeland? No it have many manufacturing plants and sales operations outside its homeland too. Firestone tires are being manufactured around the whole world namely;

  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand

How To Check Where Your Firestone Tire is Manufactured?

How To Check Where Your Firestone Tire Is Manufactured

If you are curious to know where your tire is made, follow this guideline, there is a simple method for checking the location;

Check the side walls of your tire, and there will be a code starting from DOT.

A series of letters and digits will follow the DOT.

It is designed in such a manner that the last four digits of this series will tell you the week and year; the first two digits tell the week of the year of manufacturing, and the last two digits indicate the year.

The manufacturing location code is usually written after the DOT.

If not you can simply visit the site of firestone on tire finder tool.

What Kind of Tires Does Firestone Produce?

What Kind Of Tires Does Firestone Produce

Firestone produces a wide range of tires. Here are some of the main types of tires of firestone.

Passenger Car Tires

Firestone produces a vast range of car passenger tires, including performance tires, touring, and run-flat tires, which are good for both wet and dry surfaces the weather conditions of snow, rain, or in ice. Firestone provides extra grip on snow due to their patterns on tire.

Truck Tires

The tire patterns on a truck tire are deeper, providing the best surface grip. The truck tires are made with the intention of heavily loaded cargo and long distances.

Commercial Truck and Bus Tires

Firestone produces commercial truck and bus tires which includes long haul, urban and regional applications.

Off-Road Construction Tires

The tires are designed for complex terrains, including construction tools, skid steers, backhoes or SUVs, and crossover vehicles, which are extremely durable.

Agriculture Tires

Firestone offers a wide range of agriculture tires that are intended for different kinds of farming tools, including; trailers, tractors, and sprayers. The tires are of multi-angle treads to provide the best traction and prevent the tire from getting punctured.

Racing Tires   

Firestone is known for its racing tires because of its tread compound and durability. They provide the best surface grip and excellent dynamics, which is a necessity for a racer. The company also produces tires for karting and drag racing.

Final Words – Where Are Firestone Tires Made?

To summarize the above, firestone is a reputable tire company in terms of durability and high quality. Firestone have a wide range of tires including; passenger tires, sport tires, agriculture tires, SUVs, commercial and off road tires.

The best line of tire is the sport tires of firestone. If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality brand to invest in, you should take a chance on firestone tires. It will definitely not disappoint you; instead, you will become a regular customer of firestone due to its durability.

We have mentioned all the possible information of firestone tires to make your pick easier.

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Does Firestone Offer A Warranty Policy?

Yes, firestone offers a policy of warranty that covers all the defects and workmanship required on the tire, but it is time-bound, and it has a certain time limit which depends on the tire model.

Additionally, firestone offers a buy and try guarantee which allows the customer to try a new tire and use it for a limit of 90 days and if they are not fully satisfied they can return the tire back and if not they can have it for their car or they can exchange it with another size or model of the tire.

Are Firestone Tires Reliable?

Yes, firestone is a well-known company which is famous for its reliability and durability. The company has a history of producing high-quality and durable tires, and it is also well-known for its sporty line of tires. 

Firestone ensures to provide the best reliability for which they have invested heavily on research and development to produce the best tire with bet tread patterns to prevent you from slipping accidents.

How to Know the Exact Size of the Tire for Your Car?

To know the size tire for your car, you are required to check the manual or the tire placard, which is on the side of the driver’s door jamb.

If you are unable to find it on the door jamb, you can simply consult a tire expert, or you can use the site of firestone on tire finder tool. The company has a verified site for checking tire size.

Where Firestone Tires Are Made?

Firestone tires are manufactured in several locations around the world including; Brazil, The United States, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia. The company has several manufacturing facilities due to the high demand by customers.

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