Where Are Hallmark Cards Made?

Before getting to know where Hallmark Cards are made, find out what is the origins of Hallmark Cards and how they became one of the largest companies around.

What is Hallmark Cards?

Hallmark Cards is an American company that sells and manufactures greeting cards are other stationery products to retail outlets in 100 countries worldwide. Among its owned companies is Crayola, which makes markers, crayons, and other craft items, and Silly Putty. Hallmark also took Crown Media Holding Pvt. in May 2016. Crown Media, a publicly traded company, was majority-owned by Hallmark. Hallmark was also given the National Medal of Arts in 1985.

Since being founded by Joyce Hall in 1910, Hallmark Cards has been growing in size, wealth, and fame and has become one of the largest greeting card companies in the whole world. With over 20,000 employees working for them, Hallmark has grown significantly more each day and each year.

Hallmark Cards is based in the United States, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Joyce Hall started this greeting card business in 1910 using $3,500 USD he had gathered while attending high school. His brother Rollie later joined him in this business, making it a family business.

For many years, the Hallmark corporation sponsored the acclaimed “Hallmark Hall of Fame” television program, and in 1963 it opened the Hallmark Gallery in New York City. Hall stopped being an active businessman in 1966 but remained the board’s chairman until his passing(1966).

Where Are Hallmark Cards Actually Made?

Where Are Hallmark Cards Actually Made - Wherearemade.net

When it comes to production, Hallmark Cards has many facilities spread across the world that manufacture gift wraps, greeting cards, and other everyday-use stationery products. The main big manufacturing facilities of Hallmark Cards are situated in The United States, two of the largest facilities being in Kansas, Lawrence, and Leavenworth.

It has a great presence in the United States, giving many opportunities to young people; Hallmark Cards hires thousands of workers across the globe. Two of their largest facilities are in Kansas Lawrence and Leavenworth, Kansas. These state-of-the-art facilities produce millions of cards yearly, with many employees working there.

Hallmark Cards also has production facilities in China and Mexico. Ciudad Juarez is where the company’s Mexican operations are conducted, and it has a large facility that manufactures greeting cards and other stationary products using state-of-the-art technology. Known for its immense commitment to quality and safety, the facility employs hundreds of workers and maintains strict quality control on all its products.

Hallmark Cards also has many manufacturing facilities in China’s several cities, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The company has many production facilities in these cities that produce greeting cards and other stationery products for the international market. These facilities are known for their high-quality standards and efficiency. They also employ thousands of workers because of their immense size giving more and more people job opportunities.

Hallmark Cards is a part of two major global organizations, The Forest Stewardship Council and The Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The Forest Stewardship Council advocates for ethical forest management and is committed to preserving the environment, and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a North American group that supports environmentally friendly forestry methods.

So, Manufacturing activities aside, Hallmark is also committed To keeping the environment and the world clean and healthy.

Quality Control

So, moving on to quality control, responsibilities on this matter are taken very seriously by Hallmark Cards. By establishing strict quality control rules designed to make sure that every product that leaves the manufacturing facilities meets the highest standards.

Hallmark Cards does everything it can to maintain quality of the highest level and provide people with the best greeting cards and other stationery products they have known their entire lives. Including everything from the paper quality to the printing of the design and the message contained within the cards!

In addition to Hallmark Cards’ strict quality control rules to make sure that the products are safe and meet all regulations, Hallmark Cards also works with external organizations as they are fully committed to ensuring that all of its products are manufactured In a responsible and safe manner so that they do not pose any risks to its customers, either environmental or health-related.

Final Words

To conclude our topic for today, Hall mark Cards has built its way toward the top of the chain. It made its reputation on the quality of its products and its commitment to responsible environmental practices.

With production facilities in different countries worldwide, the company produces millions of cards each year while maintaining and upholding its strict high-quality and safety standards.

Whether you are looking to send birthday cards, Christmas cards, wedding cards, or cards for any other occasion, you can blindly trust that Hallmark Cards will definitely deliver both the beautiful and heartfelt product you need, which you now know is being made with care and the highest quality.


Why Is It Important To Know Where They Are Made?

Knowing where Hall mark Cards are made can help the consumers determine the quality of Hallmark Cards, the brand’s ethical practices, and the production’s environmental impact.

Are There Any Ethical Concerns With Hallmark Cards Being Produced In China?

Some customers have let their concerns out about labor practices and human rights violations in China. Anyhow, Hall mark Cards have announced that they require their suppliers to comply with all local rules and regulations and have a code of conduct for responsible and ethical business practices.

Can Consumers Find Out Where Specifically A Hallmark Card Was Made?

It may be difficult to find out where specifically a Hall mark greeting card was made. Still, one can always contact the company’s amazing online customer support department for more info.

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