Where Are Merrell Shoes Made?

Merrell Shoes has provided top-quality footwear to runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts for over 40 years. Merrell Shoes is a well-known outdoor footwear brand. As avid hikers-Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer launched the business in Waitsfield, Vermont, USA, in 1981 to develop footwear that could resist the elements.

Since then, Merrell Shoes has maintained its headquarters in Rockford, Michigan, in the United States. It has broadened its product line to include a range of boots, sandals, and outdoor shoes for various activities. Despite being headquartered in the US-Merrell Shoes is a global brand, with its products available in more than 170 nations.

Merrell Shoes offers a variety of footwear solutions for outdoor activities, including hiking boots, running shoes, and casual shoes. To enhance the functionality of its shoes-Merrell Shoes has also been at the forefront of innovation, inventing new technologies like the Vibram sole and Gore-Tex membrane.

With many devoted clients who swear by the comfort and longevity of their Merrell Shoes, the brand has, throughout the years, become a favorite among hikers and outdoor lovers. But many people might wonder, where are Merrell Shoes made? That’s precisely what we’re here to answer and more! So please keep reading to discover where Merrel Shoes are made and what goes into their making!

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Manufacturing Locations of Merrell Shoes

Manufacturing Locations of Merrell Shoes

Merrell Shoes Are Manufactured in The Following Countries:


China is preferred for Merrell Shoe manufacturing because of its sizable manufacturing sector and affordable labor. The company produces a variety of shoes, including hiking boots, running shoes, and sandals, in collaboration with other Chinese manufacturers renowned for their skill in creating high-quality footwear.

Although the precise volume of manufacture in China is unknown, it is most certainly a sizeable component of Merrell Shoes’ overall output. A sizeable amount of the company’s production is also produced at factories owned by Wolverine Inc-the parent company of Merrell Shoes. To increase Merrell’s presence in China and Macau in 2019, Wolverine Inc. collaborated with Xtep International Holdings Limited, a Chinese sportswear retailer.


Merrell Shoes also have manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, where half of Wolverine’s products are produced, and over 70% of Merrell’s footwear is sourced.

Vietnam has become a popular destination for manufacturing as companies shift away from China due to the trade war between China and the United States. The exact amount of production in Vietnam is not publicly available-but, it is likely a smaller proportion of Merrell Shoes’ overall production than China.


Thailand is another country that produces Merrell shoes. High-quality footwear is produced in the nation’s thriving footwear industry. Merrell Shoes worked with various Thai manufacturers to create its sandals and other casual shoes; these suppliers have established long-term relationships with the company and are committed to sustaining its high standards for quality and sustainability.


Although China, Vietnam, and South America account for most of Merrell Shoes’ production, the company still operates a facility in Michigan, USA. Some of the most well-known models for the company, like the Moab hiking boot, are made in this facility.

Although US production is relatively limited compared to other nations, this allows Merrell to maintain control and the greatest level of quality.

Additionally, Wolverine World Wide, the parent company of Merrell, has production facilities in several additional locales, including the Dominican Republic, Michigan, Mexico, and Arkansas, which together produce more than 15% of the firm’s output.

Other Countries

Merrell Shoes is also said to have manufacturing facilities in Cambodia, Indonesia, and India, apart from the preceding countries mentioned above. To fulfill the expectations of its international clientele, the company sources footwear from many different countries worldwide.

Given their affordable labor costs and developed manufacturing sectors-Merrell Shoes may explore these nations as potential sites for future manufacturing plants. However, the business hasn’t formally clarified production in these countries.

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Manufacturing Process

Rubber, synthetic textiles, leather, and other materials produce Merrell shoes. The shoes are designed to offer protection, comfort, and support for outdoor activities like trail running and hiking.

Merrell Shoes frequently include cutting-edge innovations in addition to premium materials, like breathable and waterproof membranes, cushioned insoles, and slip-resistant outsoles. Cutting, stitching, assembly, and quality control are all part of the manufacturing process to guarantee that each pair of shoes meets the brand’s performance and quality expectations.

Impact of Where Merrell Shoes Are Made

Impact of Where Merrell Shoes Are Made

The location of production can significantly impact both consumers and the environment. Consumers may perceive shoes made in certain countries as higher or lower quality, and some may have ethical concerns about working conditions or environmental impact.

From an environmental perspective-the carbon footprint of transporting shoes from one country to another can be significant. However, Merrell Shoes is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.

Importance of Merrell Shoes in the Footwear Industry

Merrell Shoes has established itself as a major force in the footwear sector by continually creating the best and most cutting-edge footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. Due to its quality and comfort, its extensive product line, including sandals, trail running shoes, and hiking boots-is loved by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Furthermore, Merrell Shoes’ focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness has improved its position in the market by enabling the business to produce high-quality performance footwear without endangering the environment.

How Do I Discover Where A Specific Pair of Merrell Shoes Is Made?

You can typically find the country of origin for a specific pair of Merrell Shoes on the label or tag inside the shoe or on the shoebox. If the information is not readily available, you can also check with the retailer or contact Merrell’s customer service for more information.

Final Words

Merrell Shoes-a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide, is a leading footwear industry brand renowned for producing premium and cutting-edge footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. The company has manufacturing facilities in several countries, including China, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and the United States, with a primary production facility/center in China.

But Merrell Shoes upholds quality control and guarantees sustainability at every production site. The firm’s robust and cozy footwear, including sandals, running shoes, and hiking boots, are made using cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship to produce long-lasting, high-quality items that can resist challenging outdoor circumstances.

In its attempts to lessen its environmental impact, Merrell Shoes has demonstrated its dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

This includes employing recycled materials and encouraging ethical labor practices across its supply chain. The company has established a prestigious position in the footwear industry thanks to its commitment to producing high-caliber performance footwear while aiming to minimize its environmental impact.

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