Where are Subarus Made?

Subaru, a brand celebrated for its blend of durability, safety, and environmental responsibility, stands proudly in the global automotive industry. This article ventures into the heart of Subaru’s operations, shedding light on the question, “Where are Subarus made?”

Subaru Corporation: A Glimpse into the Past

The genesis of Subaru Corporation traces back to post-World War II Japan. Previously known as Fuji Heavy Industries, the company initially set its focus on the manufacturing of aircraft. The influence of this history is still observable in Subaru’s contemporary boxer engine design. This early direction, however, was soon expanded upon with the production of the Subaru 1500 – the company’s inaugural automobile. This crucial step signaled Subaru’s entry into the automotive industry, setting the stage for the creation of the esteemed brand we recognize today.

A Tale of Two Continents

As we delve deeper into Subaru’s manufacturing story, it spans across two continents – Asia and North America.

A Tale of Two Continents

Japan: The Origin

Subaru’s journey started in Japan, more precisely in the Ebisu area of Shibuya, Tokyo. The manufacturing plant covers an impressive expanse of land, signaling its substantial contribution to Japan’s heavy industry sector. Yearly, thousands of Subaru vehicles, each stamped with a unique vehicle identification number (VIN), roll out from this factory’s doors to the global market.

United States: A New Chapter

Subaru’s narrative takes a shift from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the heartland of the United States, Lafayette, Indiana. This location hosts Subaru’s only manufacturing plant in the U.S., emphasizing its dedication to American customers.

Subaru Indiana Automotive (SIA), the official designation of the Lafayette plant, is instrumental in Subaru’s strategy to deliver vehicles specifically tailored for the American consumer. The commitment doesn’t stop at designing for consumer needs; it extends to environmentally friendly manufacturing. The SIA plant is the first automotive manufacturing factory in the U.S. to achieve zero landfill status, illustrating Subaru’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Furthermore, through its collaboration with TerraCycle, Subaru pushes its environmental goal forward. This partnership focuses on recycling waste into usable products, a move that earned Subaru the title of the Most Trusted Brand from Kelley Blue Book for six consecutive years up to 2021.

Subaru’s North American Expansion

While Subaru’s roots are firmly planted in Japan, the brand has established a robust presence in North America, particularly in the United States. The establishment of the Subaru Indiana Automotive plant in Lafayette, Indiana, marks a significant expansion of Subaru’s manufacturing operations. This state-of-the-art facility manufactures some of Subaru’s most popular models, such as the Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy, catering to the specific needs and preferences of the American consumer.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the SIA facility has also become an integral part of Indiana’s economic landscape, creating jobs and contributing to the local economy. This factory is a clear demonstration of Subaru’s commitment to the United States, showing its dedication not only to providing American drivers with superior vehicles but also to being a positive force in the communities where it operates.

Zero Waste, Maximum Efficiency

Subaru’s dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing is a thread that runs through all its operations. The company’s commitment to zero waste is an example of how it incorporates sustainability into its business practices. At the SIA plant in Indiana, Subaru has achieved an impressive zero landfill status, meaning that no waste from its manufacturing operations goes to a landfill. Instead, all waste is either recycled or turned into electricity.

Subaru’s partnership with TerraCycle further exemplifies its commitment to the environment. This unique collaboration involves recycling hard-to-recycle waste into usable products, showcasing how Subaru is a leader not just in automotive manufacturing, but also in sustainable business practices.

Celebrating the Great Outdoors

Subaru’s commitment to the environment extends beyond its manufacturing practices. The company’s love for nature is woven into its brand identity, and Subaru actively works to protect and preserve the great outdoors. Through the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative, the company partners with the National Park Foundation to protect national parks and reserves, ensuring these natural treasures are preserved for future generations.

Subaru also encourages its customers to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Many Subaru vehicles are designed with features perfect for outdoor adventures, such as increased cargo space, roof racks for equipment, and all-wheel drive to handle off-road terrain. This makes a Subaru the perfect companion for a trip to a national park or nature reserve.

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The Quality Promise

Subaru’s commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles is a constant throughout its operations in Japan and the U.S. Every vehicle, whether a modest scooter or a premium four-door sedan, undergoes thorough quality checks.

This commitment originates at the core of every vehicle – the engine. Subaru engines’ horizontally-opposed configuration, an attribute influenced by its aircraft manufacturing heritage, contributes to a lower center of gravity, increasing vehicle balance and stability.

From the hood to the chassis, each Subaru vehicle embodies a harmonious blend of Japanese craftsmanship and American ingenuity. It’s this persistent dedication to quality that enables Subaru to earn top marks in safety from reputable organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Subaru Experience: More than a Car

The Subaru Experience More than a Car

Subaru’s operations in Japan and the United States produce vehicles, but what they’re truly creating is an experience. Owning a Subaru is about more than just driving a car — it’s about becoming part of a community of like-minded individuals who value quality, safety, and the environment.

This community extends to Subaru’s relationship with its customers. Subaru places a high value on customer service, ensuring that every interaction with the company, from the sales process to after-sales support, is positive and beneficial. This commitment to excellence extends to Subaru’s various services, including its highly regarded vehicle maintenance and repair services. This dedication to customer satisfaction further establishes Subaru’s position in the global automotive market.

A Global Perspective

While Subaru has a significant presence in Japan and the United States, the company’s influence is felt around the globe. Subaru competes with automotive giants like Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet, as well as luxury brands like Audi and BMW. Yet, even amidst fierce competition, Subaru stands out thanks to its commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Subarus made?

Subarus are manufactured in two primary facilities: one in Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, and another in Lafayette, Indiana, United States.

Are all Subarus manufactured in Japan?

No, although Subaru Corporation is a Japanese company, it has a significant manufacturing facility in the United States, located in Lafayette, Indiana.

What is Subaru’s environmental policy?

Subaru is heavily dedicated to the environment. The company’s manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana, was the first automotive factory in the U.S. to achieve zero landfill status. It also collaborates with the National Park Foundation and TerraCycle to further its environmental initiatives.

Conclusion – Where are Subarus Made?

In conclusion, Subarus are made in Japan and the United States, reflecting the brand’s global reach and dedication to serving its customers. Whether on the busy streets of Tokyo or the open roads of Indiana, a Subaru vehicle stands as a symbol of a company that values quality, safety, and the environment above all else. Each Subaru vehicle produced, whether in Japan or the United States, is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to these principles.

So next time you see a Subaru on the road, know that it’s more than just a car — it’s the product of a company with a clear vision and the dedication to make that vision a reality. Whether it was made in the bustling city of Tokyo or the heartland of Indiana, every Subaru vehicle carries with it the spirit of a truly remarkable company.

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